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How To Stay Safe On The Road This Winter

How To Stay Safe On The Road This Winter

(News Canada) — For many of us, driving in the winter is a dreaded task. To help you coast into winter driving with confidence, here are some safety tips to keep in mind, ahead of your next trip.

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Check the weather forecast
It’s better to be on the safe side and always check weather forecasts or alerts, before hitting the road. Travelling ill-prepared during precarious conditions, such as through snow and ice, can be dangerous, or result in unwanted delays. Ensure you are up to date on the latest forecasts, by tuning into your local news and weather outlets.

Clear your vehicle of ice and snow
Cleaning your windshields, before every trip, will help eliminate the buildup of dirt, salt and grime, during the cold winter months. Get into the habit of regularly washing your car and clearing it of any ice or snow, to improve visibility while driving. In some provinces, drivers can actually be charged fines for failing to properly clean their cars, in order to keep other road users safe.

Stuck? Here’s what to do
If your vehicle happens to get stuck in snow, remember to keep a level head. First, try making a pathway around your tires and brushing your car free of any snow.

If someone is helping you push your vehicle out of the snow, ensure you are in low gear and the ground around the vehicle is not too slippery. You can improve traction by placing your floor mats under your wheels.

For safe winter driving, it’s worth investing in winter tires, as well as a car safety kit, packaged with essential items, such as jumper cables, a blanket, a flashlight and a toolkit, in case of emergencies.

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