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How To Recreate The Movie Theatre Experience At Home

How To Recreate The Movie Theatre Experience At Home

Figuring out what fun activities the whole family can enjoy from home has been tricky this year. Movie nights are a great way to bring the family together. All you need is a great flick and some delicious treats, and you’ll be all set up for some quality time.

Here are five steps to recreate a movie theatre experience, right in your living room, that’s twice as much fun but only a fraction of the price.

Prep the trailers of your family’s top choices
Chances are you’re going to have a tough time agreeing on a movie, so it’s best to be prepared. Find all the trailers of your family’s top picks and put them in a queue to watch and vote.

Pop a big buttery bowl of popcorn
No movie theatre experience would be complete without the smell of delicious popcorn. Pop in a bag of Orville Redenbacher buttery microwavable popcorn during the trailers to set the mood. Good news that it has no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives so you can feel good about sharing it with your family.

Serve up your popcorn in custom bags
This will make the theatre experience feel more like the real thing. Give each family member a bag of their own to snack on. To make it more fun, get the kids to decorate their own bags with stickers, gel pens and their names.

Don’t forget the candy
No theatre offers only popcorn. With the addition of candy, you will take your at-home movie night to the next level. You can serve up a variety, including chocolate bars, sour patches, cherry-flavoured twist candies or you could mix everything together and make a movie theatre popcorn candy bowl.

Lights down low, volume high and enjoy
Once the trailers have ended and you’ve decided on a movie, make sure that your living room is pitch black, turn up the volume and get ready for show-time.

If interested, you can find more recipes to complement your family movie theatre experience at orville.ca.

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