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Feeling Discouraged? Take Heart

This year, be happy, healthy, safe and have all of your loved ones around, covered under God's grace and mercy. Photo credit: Clay Banks/Unsplash.

Feeling Discouraged? Take Heart

By Selwyn Richards
Contributing Columnist

Chef Selwyn RichardsAnother lockdown; Joe Biden will become US President, on Wednesday; and Kamala Harris will be Vice-president — the first woman to hold the position. History, on so many fronts.

There is very encouraging news regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, yet the reality is: how many of our businesses will survive? How many more of our Brothers and Sisters will die, before this pandemic is over?

We are going through a period of resetting; realizing some of the things we thought were important and we couldn’t live without, is of no consequence to us in these times of uncertainty.

If you’re feeling nervous, anxious and discouraged, take heart, take control of the things that you can, trust in your God like your entire existence depends on it — because it does!

I hate to be preachy but our faith will make us whole. Believe in the possibility that the cycle of life continues.

What more can I say? My one wish for you, this year, is just to be healthy, safe and have all of our loved ones around, covered under God’s grace and mercy.

Selwyn Richards is an award-winning master chef. He is also the President and Executive Chef at The Art of Catering Inc. and is the author of “The Art of Cooking: Soul of The Caribbean”. Chef Selwyn can be reached at: selwyn@theartofcatering.com or by phone — (905) 619-1059.

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