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Update On “Dump Truck Pushes Mini Cooper Along Highway” In Toronto

As the driver of the vehicle that stopped the dump truck, I am disappointed with the coverage of the dump-truck/mini cooper incident, and feel they’ve missed the mark, completely.

The issue that should be highlighted in these stories are the potential dangers, involved with the millions of large commercial trucks on the roads, interacting with smaller passenger vehicles.

This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. In fact, there was a similar collision in Toronto in 2020.

I believe there is an opportunity to begin a discussion, about how safety measures, available technology, and government regulations can save millions of lives.

Putting the burden on a single driver, whose life is now ruined, is not addressing the larger issue, and does a disservice to your viewers (readers).

I hope you’ll use this opportunity to really look into this issue, form a larger, more productive narrative and use your platform to influence positive change.

Thank you in advance,

Andre Newell
Ontario, Canada

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