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Four Trendy Bathroom Design Concepts

Contemporary bathroom with bathtub, shower, modern sink and faucet. Photo credit: Getty Images; courtesy of Will Hayworth.

Four Trendy Bathroom Design Concepts

Do you dream of the perfect bathroom? Your bathroom should be a relaxing oasis. You want it to be a place, where you can spend your time getting ready, with access to all the most important things. It’s a place to relax in the shower or tub, but most of all, it should look fabulous. Here are four top design trends for bathrooms right now:

Floating vanity
Whether you want a single or double sink, a floating vanity is very much on-trend. This type of vanity, complete with plenty of storage in drawers or cabinets, mounts on the wall rather than resting on the floor. It provides a clean, open look for your bathroom, especially in a small space.

Affinity tiles
Affinity tiles are printed concrete tiles. They come in countless designs and colors. Large affinity tiles create a big, bold pattern in your bathroom. Use them on the floor or in a shower enclosure.

Botanical wallpaper
Bold is in. One way to showcase your style is wallpaper with a large botanical print. The image can have a dark or light background, but make sure the leaves and flowers are colorful and make a statement in your design.

Japandi design
This fusion design style is all the rage right now. It takes all the functionality of Scandinavian design and seamlessly blends it with the rustic minimalism of Japanese design. This creates a lovely combination of nature, art and simplicity for your bathroom.

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