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The Cost Of Being Different

Don't you want to live in a society, where you can strut your stuff, before others, and be unique among the many others. Photo credit: Christopher Burns/Unsplash.

The Cost Of Being Different

By Steven Kaszab
Guest Contributor

We all have a different way of expressing ourselves, presenting ourselves to the world, freely and uniquely. At least I hope we do.

Our world is becoming smaller each day, as our government, the media, social interaction and our fellow citizens know more about us, and express their 2-percent-worth opinions judging us. It is natural and human to observe what is different and talk about it, gossip about it, freely.

Many of us are known for our opinions, fashion style, outlook on life. We may be openly religious, wearing traditional attire that shows the world, who we are and what we believe. Our music, our cultural stance, our race too, pointed out in the way we walk, talk and act. Friend or foe see’s us in a particular way that, if expressed, may shape our daily lives.

We care what others think of us — some times to much. Social media’s powerful attraction gives it a power to make or break a person’s reputation. This power of gossip and manipulation can drive many of our neighbor’s to a state of exhaustion and despair.

Being unique animals as we are, we have the power to build up, or destroy, a thing, a place or a person. It is this power that also can bind us to one another. Choice made after contemplation(thought) can best result in good things, rather than things that you may view on the local news.

Our nation is built upon a foundation, where choices made, wrongfully or seemingly right, have formed a people, who can celebrate being uniquely different — a people of patience, curiosity and acceptance of all that the world can throw at it. We are suckers for those things that make us laugh, cry and think about others.

Don’t you want to live in a society, where you, too, can strut your stuff, before others; be unique among the many others, and live your life in peace and harmony?

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