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Anguilla’s Memorable, Musical Beach Experiences

The Lit Lounge is a lofty bar, perched on Anguilla's Sandy Ground’s beachfront, with a scenic view of the bay. Photo credit: Anguilla-Beaches.com

Anguilla’s Memorable, Musical Beach Experiences

A trip to Anguilla — a shy beauty with a warm smile, tucked away in the northern Caribbean — is not complete without hearing the talented local musicians. A slender length of coral and limestone, fringed with green, the island is ringed with 33 beaches, considered by savvy travellers and top travel magazines, to be the most beautiful in the world.

Anguilla’s bustling Sandy Ground — a popular local area, due to its beautiful, sheltered beach and shoreline of lively bars and restaurants that cater to all — is specifically the scene for memorable nights of dancing, music and fun by the sea. And, it’s dynamic music scene offers a wide selection of vibin’ venues, where you can listen, closely, to some of its incredible performers, whose repertoire encompass a wide offering of reggae, calypso, soca and country traditions.

In Sandy Ground, you can listen to catchy tunes, while sipping on a delicious drink in the beautiful bay. To make sure you don’t miss out on Anguilla’s incredible music, here are some notable live music venues to check out the next time you’re visiting.

Lit Lounge
For the party-seekers, you won’t have any trouble finding The Lit Lounge, just listen for the loudest party sounds on the beach. The Lit Lounge is a lofty bar, perched on Sandy Ground’s beachfront, with a scenic view of the bay. It also offers some fantastic food and beverages, prepared by award-winning chefs. It recently partnered with an Asian fusion restaurant, providing a mix of Caribbean and Asian-style plates on the menu. The Lit Lounge plays tunes from pop, reggae, and more on an ever-changing playlist to entertain its guests.

Johnno’s Beach Stop

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

One of the first beachfront establishments in Anguilla’s Sandy Ground, Johnno’s Beach Stop has been a local favourite for years. It opened in the mid-80s, and decades later, is still providing the original Anguilla beach bar experience. You can expect a laid-back and open-aired experience at Johnno’s that offers plenty of tasty meals, including its famous snapper. A go-to venue for its live performances and smooth jazz music, Johnno’s is a venue you don’t want to miss, especially on Sunday afternoons. The venue features many local musicians, including Sproka, a multi-talented Anguillian musician, and most are all too happy to take requests. While visiting Johnno’s, know that you are witnessing an authentic piece of Anguilla’s Sandy Ground history.

Elvis’ Beach Bar

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

As the sun sets over Sandy Ground, Elvis’ Beach Bar — voted best beach bar in the Caribbean by the readers of USA Today this year — is the perfect place to enjoy music, under the stars, and an island cocktail. Order a meal of local ingredients fused with traditional Caribbean and Mexican flavours. Not only do visitors stop by for the incredible menu, but the bar also caters to all ages, with beach games to play. The bar also hosts live music on specific days of the week, spotlighting some of the island’s local favourites. Anguillian natives and travellers alike love Elvis’ Beach Bar, as the man, for whom the bar is named, is known for his great positive energy and exceptional hospitality.

Dune Preserve

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

Photo credit: Caribbean Journal

Who better to hear live reggae from, than Anguilla’s local legend, Bankie Banx, who is, not only a famous musician, but also happens to be the owner of the iconic Dune Preserve beach bar. The Dune Preserve is a unique wooden beach bar on Rendezvous Bay that features Bankie’s signature creation – the boat bar, made from his old wooden boat — which has taken on new life as one of the best seats in the house. The venue serves fresh drinks and hosts live music with a view overlooking the clear blue water.

Often you will have the chance to meet the local legend, himself, either visiting or performing. The Dune Preserve lights up at night and can be enjoyed long after the sun goes down. So, when planning your trip to Anguilla, visit this spot for an afternoon of sitting by the boat bar, or an evening of entertaining Anguillian reggae performances on Bankie’s magnificent stage.

Moonsplash Music Festival

Moonsplash Music Festival is Anguilla’s largest and most anticipated annual music festival that features the one and only, Bankie Banx, as the host and the Dune Preserve as the venue. It features many of Anguilla’s top musicians as well as International artists. Previous feature talent has even included the likes of John Mayer and Jimmy Buffet. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of Anguilla’s most anticipated musical event, you should plan your stay around attending the Moonsplash Music Festival, which usually takes place every year during the March full moon.

Anguilla's local musical legend, Bankie Banx.

Anguilla’s local musical legend, Bankie Banx.

Anguillian music truly enhances your island experience by adding an enjoyable soundtrack to your next Caribbean vacation. The dynamic and lively music scene in Sandy Ground, Anguilla, is sure to leave you hungry for more.

Having retained its charming character and appeal, Anguilla lies just off the beaten path, and can be conveniently reached from three major gateways – Miami, Florida; Puerto Rico and St. Martin.

A fantastic culinary scene, a wide variety of quality accommodations at varying price points, a host of attractions and exciting calendar of festivals make Anguilla an alluring and entrancing destination. While visiting, follow the Anguilla Tourist Board’s Facebook page for updates on local activities, and for schedules for bar and restaurant openings, entertainment and events.

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