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The New PRESTO App Puts The Smart In Your Smartphone!

The New PRESTO App Puts The Smart In Your Smartphone!

New features on the PRESTO App make travel a breeze

You have more power in your hands and more smarts on your smartphone with the new and . It has a host of new features and functions, so your transit journeys around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area and Ottawa are going to be smoother than ever. Time to get on board.

Instant Load. Instantly available funds
Now, instantly load funds and transit passes to recharge your PRESTO card. No more waiting for funds to show up and wondering if you’ve done it right. It’s all in real-time – the NOW.

Made possible by the PRESTO app on your NFC-enabled smartphone, you can make safe and secure transactions directly from your mobile phone to your PRESTO card by just holding it to the back of your phone. It’s really that simple and quick.

Instant Balance Checking. Lightning-fast answers
Need to know the balance on your PRESTO card? Just click the app, and you’ll see your current balance, last tap, and more in real time. No more worrying if you’ve got enough funds for your journey. It’s all there in the palm of your hand. Instantly.

GO Transit Default Trip. Tap on, hop off
With countless things on your mind, like heading to work for a big meeting or retuning home after a busy day, you might just forget to ‘tap off’ after your ride. Now, on the PRESTO App, you can set a default trip which means you only need to tap on at the beginning of a GO train trip. You don’t need to tap off at the end. Just set it and forget it. You can also change or delete the default trip on the app.

If you have a default trip set but would like to make a different trip, you can override it on a PRESTO device before tapping on. Click the ‘mode’ button once and you’ll see the ‘override’ screen. Then simply tap your PRESTO card. This doesn’t change your default trip.

Low balance notification. Perfect timing
Get notified when your balance drops below a pre-set amount. This takes a load off your mind having to know when your balance is low and when to top up. No more stress or delays in your trips.

Top up with Apple and Google Pay. Super convenient
NEW_HELLOPRESTO_BLACK EN copyLoading funds on your PRESTO card got even more convenient. Now you have the option of Google Pay or Apple pay to also load funds. Instantly. So say bye-bye to waiting, adios to wondering and hello to instant loads and balance checking with the PRESTO app.

Want to know more, or get the detailed steps for these features, visit: www.prestocard.ca/en/about/presto-app

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