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The End of Canada’s Bombing Mission

By Rupert Johnson PRIDE Columnist There has been a heightened furor over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to end the bombing mission of the CF-18’s fighter jets against ISIS targets in Iraq. It should be noted, that the opponents of ...

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The Potency Of Thoughts And Ideas

By Rupert Johnson PRIDE Columnist It can be said that thoughts are powerful forces that can give rise to ideas. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “thought” as “an idea or piece of reasoning produced by thinking.” There is no ...

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A Look Forward Towards Our Black History

By Mark Brown PRIDE Guest Writer Sandra Bland, age 28; Andrew Loku, age 45; Tamir Rice, age 12; Jermaine Anthony Carby, age 33; and Freddie Gray, age 25. These are but a few of the African Canadian and African American ...

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Should Blacks Boycott The Oscars; Or Themselves?

By Sandy Daley PRIDE Columnist Alan Rickman, the amazing character actor who passed away on January 14, once said, “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music or a book, can make a ...

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Reflections Can Stir Us To Action

By Rupert Johnson PRIDE Columnist At this gloomy, depressing and debilitating season when the world seems to be in turmoil, a few thoughts may enliven our spirits and even stir us to action. It has been said that “minds are ...

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Will 2016 Be Your Most Courageous Year?

By Sandy Daley PRIDE Columnist Last year was a very, very challenging year, and I was happy to see it end! Of course we all struggle at times, but 2015 was the year that I was reminded that life sometimes will do nothing but ...

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Opinion: Risks? What Risks?

By Hazel Henderson IPS Guest Columnist We humans are acutely aware of risks. From our earliest times, the risks we faced were from hunger, predatory animals, extreme environmental conditions and, as our numbers grew, from other human tribes. Fast forward ...

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