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UARR Welcomes Mayor Tory’s Call For End Of Carding In Toronto

Editor: The Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR) welcomes Mayor Tory’s announcement for a permanent cancellation of carding. Numerous community organizations and activists, including the UARR, have maintained this position over many years. Together we have organized many community discussions ...

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Carding: The Struggle Is Not Yet Over

By Romain Pitt PRIDE Guest Writer Making one`s job easier is not always best for everyone else. The police claim they can protect us better, both in the areas of crime prevention and of prosecution, if they were at liberty ...

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The Devious Plan To Destroy Aboriginal Culture In Canada

By Rupert Johnson PRIDE Columnist There is no doubt that cultural domination was the policy orchestrated by the Canadian government in the late 19th century. And it is notorious that this policy of domination degenerated into outright cultural genocide. There ...

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The Current Impasse With Ontario Teachers

By Rupert Johnson The current level of overt teacher discontent in Ontario is unprecedented. Never before have so many students been affected. Both the secondary and elementary school unions are on the war path. In the secondary schools of Peel, ...

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The Scourge Of Pessimism

By Rupert Johnson The Oxford Dictionary defines pessimism as: “A tendency to take the worst view or expect the worst outcome.” That being said, many pessimists are not bad people per se. Nevertheless, they are generally inclined to be the ...

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