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Bishop Dr. Wellesley A. Blair Brings Healing Ministry To Brampton

Bishop Dr. Wellesley A. Blair Brings Healing Ministry To Brampton

Photo above: Bishop Blair administers a healing, laying-on-of-hand prayer to an audience member at one of his services. Photo courtesy of Praise and Worship Ministry.

BRAMPTON, Ontario — Bishop Dr. Wellesley A. Blair, who is amiably called ‘WA’ and hails from the Parish of St. James in Jamaica, is a powerful — and effective — healer, by the laying-on of hands.

A staunch practitioner of the philosophy of life that says, “There is absolutely nothing that is impossible with God” and a firm believer that miracles are wrought through the power of prayer, he will demonstrate his healing gift at the Praise and Worship Ministries annual convention.

A well known radio and television conference speaker, Bishop Blair has been utilized by God to preach, mightily, to thousands of people all over the world.

His style of preaching attracts, and captivates, the attention of those in his audience and results in souls being delivered from all type of diseases and sicknesses.

Bishop Blair, an anointed prophet of God, who is the special guest speaker at the convention that runs from Friday, September 11 to 13, will personally host a special healing service on the morning of Sunday, September 13.

Stemmed from a very rich and fertile Christian heritage, Bishop Blair gave his heart to the Lord at the tender age of fourteen and says, he has been a part of the Church of God since birth.

During his over 50 years of ministry, he has travelled, extensively, to numerous countries sharing the gospel. Bishop Blair served his denomination as Administrative Bishop from September 2002 to August 2008, and is currently serving another term, as the Administrative Bishop of the New Testament Church of God in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

He is a member of the Caribbean Executive Council, with responsibility for Evangelism in the Caribbean and has also served as the National Evangelism Director for the New Testament Church of God for many years.

Noted for his Miracle Revival Hour broadcast on Television Jamaica, every Saturday morning, Bishop Blair, is a Justice of the Peace, serves on various boards and committees — too numerous to mention — and is integrally involved with numerous community projects.

He is married to Yvonne, the love of his life and a strong and caring Christian woman, who has, and continues to provide, unflinching and undaunted support to his dynamic years of ministry.

The convention, which is being hosted and organized by the Praise and Worship Ministries of Brampton, Ontario, will be held from September 11 to 13, at 7pm nightly, at the South Fletchers Sports Building, 500 Raylawson Blvd. in Brampton.

The guest singer at the convention will be international recording artist, Diana Y. Washington, who hails from Durham, North Carolina in the USA.

The organiser is urging the public, not to “miss these three nights of power, praise and deliverance” and to “ring the sick, bring a friend”.

For more information on what promises to be a dynamic, uplifting and life-changing experience, call (416) 885-1152 or visit: www.praiseandworship2.com.

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