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Pride, Canada’s leader in African-Canadian and Caribbean news, views and lifestyle, offers you a valuable component to enhance your present marketing strategies. It targets the African- & Caribbean-Canadian population of Ontario, providing you with a vast, relatively untapped market.

The combined African & Caribbean Canadian population of Ontario is approaching 800,000 which represents approximately 320,000 households with an average income of $55,000, according to the most recent census figures. This figure represents a market in excess of $17.6 billion annually.

Pride News Magazine can be your springboard to that potentially lucrative market.

Although Pride’s readers tend towards middle-to-upper-middle class African & Caribbean Canadians, between the ages of 25 to 50 years, its reach extends to other income and age groups.

Through the use of youthful writers, focusing on urban music, fashion, make-up and other youth-related topics, Pride has been able to penetrate the 16 to 24 age group, and younger. Pride, through a well thought-out mix of editorial content, has bridged the generation gap, establishing itself as a family publication, read by the entire household.

Pride News Magazine is readily available online — updated daily — for its audience ensuring that your message ‘GETS’ OUT THERE!!

* SOURCE: Ethnic Data Bank – (Includes floating market and updated immigration figures).
** SOURCE: Statistics-Canada, 1996

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