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Do Affirmations Actually Work; Or Are They Just Woo-Woo Hippie Nonsense?

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Do Affirmations Actually Work; Or Are They Just Woo-Woo Hippie Nonsense?

By Narissa Van Cooten
Guest Contributor

Affirmations, I-am statements, intentions, mantras. When younger, I would hear the utterance of such words, and I did indeed, believe it was all pure nonsense.

While my older brother had always referred to me as a hippie, and I would wear — and still do wear — that tie-dye title proudly, affirmations and the like used to be too woo-woo, even for the likes of me. I had always been an avid journaler and writer, but apparently, affirmations were a stretch too far.

The spiritual path came calling
Cue 2017: I experienced my first (of many) soul awakening, and it totally changed me, transformed me, shifted me to a new way of thinking, feeling, and being.

I think when one who is not spiritual tends to mull over spirituality, they tend to think that the spiritual path is one of butterflies, rainbows, and cotton candy. Spiritual people appear to have it so easy, they never experience hardships or challenges, and they are constantly living in a state of bliss in la la land. Before my first awakening and at the beginning of my spiritual journey, I did naively believe this.

Little did younger me know that the spiritual path, the true soul path, is one not to be taken lightly. Walking the soul path involves integrating all parts of you – the “good” and the “bad”, the happy and the sad, the light and the dark, the human and the consciousness. It not a path for the faint of heart.

In fact, the soul path could serve as a strong deterrent for those looking to avoid a lengthy challenge. To walk this path, you must be willing to shine a light on the subconscious “icky” parts of you, that you have avoided, denied, or were totally unaware of, during your entire human incarnation. It is not always fun, it is not always easy, but it is always worth it. For the journey forges a path back to your true self, and that, in and of itself, is a thing of beauty.

What does this have to do with affirmations?
Well, when I started walking my soul path, I got into affirmations and mantras and the like, except at times I noticed that the words I was reciting were not ringing true for me. They did not feel right coming out of my mouth. I would say, “I am worthy. I am enough. I am loved” on repeat on repeat on repeat, only to realize, I did not believe it.

I did not realize that affirmations were more than just words on a page or random words you recite. They are powerful intentions you are speaking into your very reality, into existence.

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Here’s how affirmations really work…
When working with affirmations, ensure you repeat them (aloud, in your mind, or write them down) as many times as needed, until they become core beliefs. If you notice you feel any resistance or disbelief in the words you are reciting, like I did, acknowledge it, don’t ignore it.

To reframe the limiting beliefs lurking in your subconscious mind, you must first have an awareness of them; then you can start to challenge them and reframe them. For you cannot change something of which you are unaware.

Working with affirmations allows you to replace the old, toxic core beliefs that are no longer serving you or were never yours in the first place, with new, healthy, true ones that are aligned with who you are, at your soul’s core.

You see, when you start to believe the words you are affirming, the true power and magic of affirmations starts to unfold. For what you believe, you perceive. What you perceive, you create.

Affirmations are not about blindly reciting words and falling into the trap of toxic positivity. It is about uncovering deep wounds and finding a way to heal them and transmute them to positively impact your mindset and your life.

What are the benefits of using affirmations?

  • When correctly used, they are a form of transformative shadow-work and reflection.
  • They force you to be aware of any old, limiting, toxic, subconscious beliefs that need to be challenged, healed, and changed.
  • They help you reframe archaic belief systems and mindsets that are no     longer aligned with you.
  • They enable you to have a more positive mindset, outlook, and perspective.
  • They build up your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worthiness, and self-awareness.
  • They can be helpful during a soul awakening.
  • Remember, keep working on believing what you are preaching, so you can shed the false parts of you and reveal that beautiful soul that has been hidden underneath all along.

Are you currently experiencing a soul awakening, but you are struggling to process the internal and external shifts?

If so, you can purchase my new eBook, “50 Powerful Affirmations for Transformational Shifts & Soul Awakenings”. This eBook includes 50 powerful affirmations to help you start shifting into your authentic self.

Until next time, dear soul, xoxo.
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Narissa Van Cooten is a Writer, Content Creator, and Certified Yoga Teacher. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and is certified in reiki healing.

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