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About Pride News

Pride’s Mission: To act as a catalyst for the advancement, empowerment and happiness of peoples of African and Caribbean heritage, globally.

Pride News Online, formerly known as Pride News Magazine and founded in January, 1983 by Michael Lloyd Van Cooten, its Publisher and Editor — attributes its success to the positive influence it has had, and continues to exert, on the African- and Caribbean-Canadian communities it serves in Canada.

In 1985, the venerable news and lifestyle publication founded, and organizes, annually, the African-Canadian Achievement Awards of Excellence (ACAA), which recognizes and honours African-Canadians who have excelled in various areas of expertise.

Some of the over 300 outstanding and distinguished Canadians the ACAA has honoured include: Hon. Lincoln Alexander; Jazz icon, Oscar Peterson; Salome Bey; Hon. Alvin Curling; Rosemary Brown; multiple award-winning author, Austin Clarke; Dr. Hedy Fry; Hon. Jean Augustine, MP; Canadan Jazz and R&B icon, Jackie Richardson; Canadian Chief Justice Julius Isaac; Dr. Howard McCurdy; CBC Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway; Canadian Opera diva, Meesha Brugergosman; and hundreds more.

Through the ACAA, Pride has inspired the African-Canadian community to accomplish and excel in all areas of life and has encouraged and fostered a sense of pride in the community. It has also provided numerous role models, who serve as sterling examples for the youth in the community to emulate.

Pride sponsors numerous important events in its target community, which has endeared the publication to the African-Canadian and Caribbean-Canadian communities, giving the publication tremendous goodwill and respect.

In keeping with its motto of, “Striving, Persevering and Achieving Together”, Pride News Online has fostered unity, encouraged excellence and enhanced a feeling of dignity and pride in its target community.

Pride News Online’s readers want to know that African- and Caribbean-Canadians have made, and are making, contributions to Canadian society. To this end, Pride profiles successful role models, who serve to motivate the people of these communities, and to shatter the negative stereotypes propagated by mainstream media.

Our readers are people who are on the move, and Pride is the publication that provides this information in a professional, enlightening, inspiring, interesting and entertaining fashion.


Founder, Publisher and Editor:
Michael L. Van Cooten

Caribbean News Agency:
Caribbean Media Corp (CMC)

International News Agency:
International Press Service (IPS)

Contributing Writers:
Ettie Rutherford
Yvonne Sam

Selwyn Richards
Chris De La Rosa


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