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How To Land Your First Job In Canada

How To Land Your First Job In Canada

(NC) We’ve all felt the emotional highs and lows that come with job hunting. If you are new to a city or country, those emotions of excitement and angst may intensify as you search for a job in an unfamiliar market.

“Leaving the familiar and moving to a new country is a major decision,” says Ivy Chiu, senior director of cultural markets at RBC. “Taking steps to build your network before you begin your job search will help set you up for success in today’s labour market.”

Here are some tips to get you started:

Start your search before you arrive: Technology makes it easier than ever to get a head start on your job hunt. Check out job search sites for your industry. You can also look up lists of top employers to work for in the area, and view the job opportunities page on their websites.

Find workshops: There are many associations that offer free career assistance for newcomers, including services like resume building, skills development and interview practice. Find one in your neighbourhood and take advantage of the services offered, and use it this opportunity to build your network as well.

Sign up for internships and volunteer opportunities: While earning an income is the first priority for most, the chance to gain experience, network and discover what career path you wish to pursue can be valuable. You never know — interning or volunteering may lead to a promising profession you hadn’t considered.

Cross check credentials: You may be coming with a set of skills from home that needs updating in Canada. Find out what updates you need prior to applying to jobs in your field.

Build language proficiency: If English or French is not your first language, build your capacities by signing up for a language course. Remember that business acumen is different than just knowing the language. Seek out associations, community centres, or government programs that may offer the service for free or at a discount.


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