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What To Know When Buying A Heritage Home

What To Know When Buying A Heritage Home

(NC) Whether you live in a big city or a small town, the buildings around us are important markers of our national history. As Canada commemorates its 150th anniversary, make sure to explore some of the heritage buildings in your community.

Across Ontario, you’ll find residential and commercial buildings that tell you a story. The Ontario Heritage Act grants local governments the authority to preserve heritage properties.

“These buildings may be significant due to their unique architectural features. Maybe they were built or designed by someone of note, or lived in by a historical figure,” says Ettore Cardarelli, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. “What’s important to note is that heritage homes may be subject to certain provisions or perks.”

For example, some municipalities may offer property tax rebate programs or grants to help owners cover maintenance and conservation costs. A heritage home’s unique features may also help preserve its value, in addition to preserving a piece of local history.

If you’re in the market for a heritage home, make sure to ask your Realtor about any provisions your potential home may be subject to under the Ontario Heritage Act.

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