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Joining The Tiny House Movement? What You Need To Know

Joining The Tiny House Movement? What You Need To Know

(NC) As young families struggle amid climbing home prices while their parents look towards downsizing, many Canadians are rethinking what home looks like. Proof of this trend are the micro homes, small houses or tiny houses that are popping up in our communities.

It’s a movement that’s taking the traditional concept of manufactured homes beyond the cookie cutter or A-frame style you might expect. When checking out a micro house for your family, there are some things that need to be considered.

“Builders of manufactured homes have always had to satisfy strict guidelines, including those of the Canadian Standards Association,” explains Michael Hewett, insurance expert at Aviva Insurance, “Tiny houses impose a unique set of requirements that also affect whether they qualify for insurance coverage.”

Hewett recommends following these general criteria to ensure your home is CSA compliant:

Park it: The home must be permanently parked, skirted and on a permanent foundation conforming with the local and provincial building codes. This is unlike a park model trailer, which can be towed off the lot.

Certify it: A tiny house must be built to the CSA Z240 certification or the related standard that applies locally to satisfy bylaws. Manufactured homes of all sizes are subject to these.

Build it: The home must be factory-built, not constructed at home or from a kit.

Stabilize it: Ensure the home is deformation-resistant, having passed the related CSA standard that validates its stability over time.

If looking for insurance coverage, check on the requirements that apply in your region and be sure to find an insurance broker that understands them.

Find more information from your insurance broker or online at avivacanada.com/leisure-lifestyle.


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