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Fitness Success Depends On Action, Not Words

Fitness Success Depends On Action, Not Words

NC – A New Year’s resolution is a personalized promise to make a positive change on the first day of January – and no resolution is more popular than losing weight, or being more active. So why have so many of us abandoned this promise by the first day of February?

“Three of the biggest reasons for this,” says Michele Colwell, the vice president of personal training with GoodLife Fitness, “is that people often underestimate the need for a plan, they never find someone to hold them accountable to that plan, and they never establish an emotional connection to their goals.

“The first step is to write it down,” continues Colwell. “Writing down why you want to achieve your goals, what you will lose if you don’t start, and what you will gain when you do, makes a significant difference in whether you accomplish and even exceed your objectives,” she adds pulling on her 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

Colwell’s next tip is speaking with an experienced personal trainer to create a progressive plan and timeline to achieve your goals—doing this can double your chances of success. “A skilled personal trainer will provide a personalized plan that combines a variety of strength training, cardio, and flexibility training. All essential components in helping you achieve your goals.”

Another recommendation is to stop micro-monitoring your results. “Choose when you will look at the scale or your measurements,”’ says Colwell. “Small day-to-day fluctuations will happen but you can’t let that discourage you from long-term achievements.”

Her final piece of advice is to not rely on a quick-fix workout scheme or diet plan. “It takes a commitment of a minimum of six months of consistent activity to create lasting change. Creating a plan can help you experience long-term success.”

Additional ideas on setting and achieving your fitness goals can be found at www.blog.goodlifefitness.com.

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