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Over 100 Police Officers Elevated Within The Grenada Police Force

Over 100 Police Officers Elevated Within The Grenada Police Force

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, February 19, 2019 (CMC) – Acting Commissioner of Police, Edwin Martin, says a new matrix that will hold police officers accountable for their actions, will become a critical tool of advancement for 125 police officers, who were promoted to higher ranks, yesterday.

Martin said that all those promoted will be acting in the positions for one year, before they can receive the full appointment to the post. 

“You have a duty to ensure that your subordinates perform in a manner that inspires public trust and confidence and creates a sense of safety and security in the country,” he told the officers, during the promotion ceremony, held at the Grenada Trade Centre.

“You will be expected to leverage our relationship with the community and stakeholders, for the furtherance of our collective mission,” Martin told the officers, who represented various departments within the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Urging them to use creativity and imagination, despite the challenges, Martin said he was confident that the officers possess the conceptual and technical capacity to deliver on the task that will be placed before them.

“I pray that you will be endowed with good judgement in the execution of your duties. You are expected to be a catalyst for initiating and managing change, and to create synergy amongst our officers, as we strive for excellence, in pursuit of our collective goals,” he said.

The 125 officers comprise of 61, moving from constable status to Corporal; 30 moving from Corporal to Sergeant; 20 moving from Sergeant to Inspector; 11 from Inspector to Assistant Superintendent; and three moving from Assistant Superintendent to Superintendent.

Superintendent John Charles, the Officer in Charge of Human Resource,  told the officers that elevation within the Force will provide for them to perform at the highest level of professionalism, consistent with the core values and principles of the Force. 

“You will be held accountable for your actions, every step of the way,” he told the officers, before they were presented with credentials of appointments.

Following the result of the matrix, all officers, who are successful, will become fully appointed, but in the waiting period, they are expected to receive increase allowances and other perks that is allowed for in the various positions.

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