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Trinidad And Tobago Police Confirm Movement Of Prisoners To Maximum Security Jail

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago, August 20, 2019 (CMC) – The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) said, today, that prisoners had been moved to the maximum security prison, based on intelligence.

In a statement, Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, disclosed that the Commissioner of Prisons, Gerald Wilson, had agreed to cooperate with the request to move the prisoners.

“The Commissioner of Police is curious, as to why an external agency is so concerned with where prisoners are moved to, or housed,” the TTPS said in a statement, adding that the prisoners had been moved to “one of the most modern facilities in the prison system”.

The statement said that contrary to “negative utterances”, the prisoners will be “well taken care of”.

It gave no indication as to which “external agency” had raised issues regarding the movement of the prisoners, but added that “on a separate note”, the Commissioner wanted to remind the public “that dozens of violent criminal acts, outside the prisons, have been issued behind prison walls”.

“The police and the prison services will do all that is required to eliminate communications between prisoners, bent on targeting persons, from their cell blocks, and members of the public  that are desirous of carrying out these wishes,” the statement added.

Security agencies have been on high alert, after a message, posted on social media, called for the killing of “any two (prison) officers”

On Monday, Wilson said he was awaiting the outcome of a police investigation, before linking Sunday’s shooting incident, at the home of a prison officer, to the threat.

Police said the home of a prison officer in Pleasantville, south of here, was shot at, on Sunday, and that while no one was injured, there were several bullet holes in the front wall of the house of the 43-year-old prison officer, Okang Harris.

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