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Five Tips To Spark The Joy Of Reading In Kids

Five Tips To Spark The Joy Of Reading In Kids

(NC) – Reading is a gift – it takes you on a journey, opens your eyes, poses questions and exposes you to new thoughts and ideas. With the following tips, you can encourage your child to develop a love of reading and make it an enjoyable experience:

• Daily reading time with your child is a great way to motivate him or her to read more and is sure to become a favourite pastime.

• Learn a new word in an encyclopedia, or have your child flip to a random page and select a word with his or her finger. They can then study the word and learn the spelling and meaning behind it.

• Audio books, learning songs and trivia challenges help build comprehension skills and vocabulary. With more than 150 books and activities, the LeapReader (by LeapFrog) is a complete learn to read and write solution for kids ranging in age from 4 to 8 years.

• A journal is a great way to bolster your child’s creativity and enhance reading and writing skills. Even a short daily journal entry will do the trick.

• Organize a book club amongst your children’s friends. Host a get-together once a month, where they can discuss the latest book they are reading.

These five tips will not only make reading more fun for your child, it will also become an experience that you and your child will treasure for years to come.

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