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Bring The Spa Experience Home With Cool Blues

Bring The Spa Experience Home With Cool Blues

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. If you are already in the process of sprucing up your space, why not go one step further and create a spa-like retreat. A zen space in your own home is feasible if you have the right plan. With Para Paint’s 2016 trend palette you won’t have to deal with any guess work. Their discovery palette was designed to reflect the calming nature of the ocean and sea life. Follow these steps to get the look this weekend:

• Declutter and organize: Pair down on the things that tend to clutter your home. Create donate, toss, and refinish piles.

• Deep clean: Clean the spaces that don’t get attention such as your baseboards, trim and doors. Refresh your trim and doors with coat of paint to brighten the room. PARA Paints Ultra in a semi-gloss finish works best here, try it in a crisp white Butterfly Jasmine (PF26).

• Consider your walls: Are there any stains, or has your wall colour worn out its welcome? Painting is the most affordable, yet most effective refresh. Cool colour palettes are soothing and create a feeling of relaxation, so consider updating the bathroom or bedroom. Reminiscent of the ocean, a deep sea blue such as Trinidad and Tobago (P5010-85) pairs well with crisp white shades on trim and baseboards.

• Reuse and refinish: Didn’t get rid of that old side table or antique chair? Transform it with a coat of paint and new hardware. To make your spa retreat theme a reality, accent with the restful Orchid Mist (PF5) or the citrus inspired Candy Floss (P5042-34D).

• Accessorize: New season, new accessories – you don’t need to replace your sofa to change your look, consider adding throw pillows in sea side green or soft aqua, or integrating new artwork or a small accent wall to make a big transformation.

The combination of cool blue, crisp white trim and fresh shade of lime will magically transform almost any space into a spa getaway.

More information is available at Para.com.


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