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Achieve Through Positive Thinking

Achieve Through Positive Thinking

Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Writer

Ettie Rutherford 1In today’s world as we listen to, or hear, the daily news, it is a real challenge to be optimistic and not fall into a morass of fear, doubt and a feeling that everything is spiralling in a negative manner.

Consequently, this is the time to be positive and make a disciplined effort to control our minds, lest we are overtaken by the constant fear of our lives being dominated by negative community issues, global disasters, family struggles and personal challenges.

Although feelings can be strong, regarding unhappy occurrences that distract us from focusing on our goals, we should be intentional about whether we want our lives to be dominated by fear or by joy.

To have a fulfilling life among the negatives, which are ever-present, you should:

  • Make a personal choice whether to be optimistic or to see only the negative side of life;
  • Be specific and intentional about the achievements for which you are striving;
  • Be less analytical about factors beyond your control;
  • Surround yourself with positive thinkers;
  • Engage in alleviating the suffering of those who are caught up in life’s disasters;
  • Focus on all facets of life…emotional, physical, social and spiritual;
  • Focus on your personal blessings;
  • Pray for those whose decisions affect our lives locally and globally.

Your Goals Determine Your Quality of Life!

A life without specific goals is a life in disarray. Much too often we see people’s lives in confusion, because they go aimlessly from day to day without any clear focus as to what they hope to achieve for their future.

Although taking one day at a time might be commendable, there still needs to be specifics as to what each day should entail and the results that are expected from daily actions.

Since having clearly defined goals makes it easier to achieve the best that life has to offer, to prevent ending up like a gerbil in a cage…always spinning your wheels, but not really getting anywhere, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • You are the only one with control over your future and well-being. Stop blaming others;
  • You must be the architect who specifies the building blocks for your future;
  • Seek resources to provide tools and skills to build your journey…Knowledge is power;
  • Be realistic. Set goals that are achievable and measurable;
  • Have faith in yourself…be insightful, imaginative, pro-active, courageous and disciplined;
  • Rid yourself of negative people and habits, which do not add to your advancement;
  • Use past challenges as learning opportunities for overcoming future obstacles;
  • Have a clearly defined time-line. A goal without a timeline is only a pipe dream.

You can do it! Yes you can!

In Sisterhood!

Award-winning Ettie Rutherford, B.Ed, Dip.Ed, M.Ed, is an educator, life coach, consultant and author of “Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like An Eagle?”. An accomplished public speaker, Ettie is the Founder and CEO of Women Are Worthy, which provides step-by-step strategies for women to achieve their goals, with a minimum amount of stress. She can be reached at ettie@womenrworthy.com

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