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Dominica Government Lifts Curfew And State Of Emergency

Dominica's Health Minister, Dr. Irvine McIntyre.

Dominica Government Lifts Curfew And State Of Emergency

ROSEAU, Dominica, June 30, 2020 (CMC) – The Dominican government says it will not extend the State of Emergency (SoE) and the curfew that had been in place — as part of the efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) — when it expires today.

“The emergency powers come to an end on Tuesday, June 30. The government does not intend to extend this and, therefore, in large measure, we go back to, quote/unquote, the new normal,” Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, announced.

Dominica has recorded 18 cases of the virus, which was first detected in China, last December, infected 10.2 million others, worldwide, leading to 502,000 deaths.

Health Minister, Dr. Irvine McIntyre, said despite the decision to life the curfew and SoE, citizens should continue to follow the various health guidelines, put in place to stem the virus, as Dominica reopens its borders, sometime in July.

“You have to appreciate the fact, that the chance of importing a case is real. It has happened, all over the world. Dominica is no exception. If we open the borders, chances that someone is going to slide in, is real.

“So to mitigate that, that is where we have to continue practising all the public health measures that we have been discussing, all along,” he noted.

He urged Dominicans “to go back to the basics…it is all about our hand hygiene, our social distancing”, adding that people should also prevent, as much as possible, having to go to stores and other business places, on a daily basis, when only one visit is required.

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