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NO! To Re-Resettling Afghan Refugees In Guyana

The Caribbean-American Coalition (CAC) has publicly issued a recommendation to resettle Afghan refugees in Guyana. The names, appended to this seemingly paper organisation, based in Queens, New York, are: Ashook Ramsaran and Dr. Dhanpaul Narine.

These two elderly gentlemen, who no longer live in Guyana, should consider the following.

In a society, like Guyana, people show their faces, legs, bosoms and arms in public.

How are burkas, etc. going to pan out, under a secular government, headed by President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali? Would these refugees later persuade him to establish Sharia or Islamic law in Guyana?

It has been noted that the King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, along with the Crown Prince, have been forging closer and stronger relations with President Ali.

Ramsaran and Narine proposed an “Afghan city” in Guyana. Really? Do they know what is currently happening in Kabul?

Do they want — looking down the road — a Balkanisation of Guyana? Balkanisation means the division of a place or country into several small political units, often unfriendly to one another.

Ramsaran and Narine talk about $100,000 per family for settlement. Are they aware of the birth rate of each Afghan family?

In 2019, Afghanistan’s fertility rate amounted to 4.32 children born, per woman. Today, Afghanistan is among the countries with the highest fertility rate on the world fertility rate ranking.

Ramsaran and Narine should read the book, The Islamic World in International Relations, edited by Sylwester Gardocki, Rafał Ożarowski and Rafał Ulatowski. The book examines the difficulties and challenges of ethnic and religious conflicts, as well as political and economic instability.

The authors of the book address the topic, from the perspectives of international security, foreign policy, economy, energy policy and regional studies in the Islamic World in the 21st century.

Ms. Farah Ali
Trinidad and Tobago

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