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Religious Group Against Performance Of Jamaican Singer

Religious Group Against Performance Of Jamaican Singer

ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – The Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches (DAEC) last week Friday, called for a boycott of a concert, here, featuring Jamaican artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta, whom it claims glorifies Satan during his performances.

“The Church further asks all Dominicans to take a stand and boycott the upcoming concert, thus signaling a strong message to all that we will not support anything that promotes violence and lawlessness in our beautiful country,” the DAEC said ina  statement.

Sparta, who uses the stage name “Uncle Demon,” is due to headline a concert in Portsmouth, north of here on February 16.

The DAEC said it was calling on the organisers to review the decision to invite adding that it would participate in a demonstration planned for Sunday against the Jamaican artiste.

“The DAEC, in solidarity with the pastors, calls upon all evangelicals in Dominica to move in support of this march, as we stand against the powers of darkness and declare that Dominica is in the hands of the Great God Jehovah who has rule over the Universe,” the statement said.

It said the church is concerned about the immediate and long-term impact that such exposure may have on the youth, adding his appearance may also fuel the level of violence in a town that has seen tremendous challenges in that area over the past year.

“The lyrics of the music by Sparta promote violence, a phenomenon that we are currently grappling with in our nation. The current pattern of crime and violence in Dominica is of significant concern and provides us with an enormous challenge that further inspiration in crime and violence is unwanted”.

The religious group said Sparta’s stage name “uncle demon” was instructive and clearly speaks to the general persona of the individual.

“Why would someone assume such a name? The Scriptures are very clear on demonism and its attendant effects on individuals and nations. Do we therefore desire that persona to be delivering a message of violence to our youth and over our nation,” the statement said.

Last month, Coordinator of Youth on a Mission for God, Ellen Paul said that the singer should not be allowed to perform in Dominica because he is likely to spread his demon worship.

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