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Embattled Senator, Don Meredith, Resigns

Senator, Don Meredith.

Embattled Senator, Don Meredith, Resigns

Earlier today, Senator Don Meredith resigned from the “Red Chamber. The senator sent a brief statement to Pride News Magazine, which is published below, unedited.

May 9th, 2017

In this the 150th year marking Canada’s anniversary of confederation, and the formation of the Canadian Senate, I am acutely aware that the Upper Chamber is more important than my moral failings.

After consulting with my family, community leaders, and my Counsel over the past several weeks, I have decided to move forward with my life with the full support of my wife and my children. I am blessed to have had their unconditional love and support throughout this ordeal.

It is my hope that my absence from the Senate will allow the Senators to focus their good work on behalf of all Canadians.

The path of expulsion being considered by my colleagues will have major implications for the Senate of Canada. This is a constitutional fight in which I will not engage.

As God directs the next chapter of my life, I will continue to love and support my family while making positive contributions to my community and to Canada.

I wish my colleagues well as they work to build a better Canada.

The Honourable Senator Don Meredith
Ottawa, Ontario

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