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5 Tips For Beating Back-to-school Stress

5 Tips For Beating Back-to-school Stress

NC – Heading back to school can mean mixed emotions for children and parents alike. Many kids are ready to meet new friends and teachers, but at the same time they are reluctant to give up the freedom and frivolity of summer.

Meanwhile, parents have also adjusted to the easygoing schedule that comes with school vacation so preparation for the busyness of fall is often quite daunting. This year, with a little guidance, you can remove the stress for the entire family by transitioning back into the school year seamlessly.

Establish a routine: After a summer with a relaxed schedule and little structure, the return to the classroom can be a shock to your kids’ systems. Ease them back by gradually integrating more structure into their days. Meals and bedtime are a great way to start—begin to get your children back into a routine about two weeks before school starts to make the transition easy.

Get organized: Before the hustle and bustle of school really kicks in, take some time to get ahead of the game. Put together a master calendar that everyone can use for the year, including important school dates, vacations, sporting events and practices, and parent teacher conferences to keep you on schedule. Make sure you’ve prepared all of the paperwork, school supplies, and permission slips you and your kids need. If your child needs any medications or the school requires doctor’s notes, be sure to book necessary appointments.

Organize a carpool: If there are other families in your neighbourhood heading to the same school, carpooling is a great way to save gas and time. Create a rotating schedule for drivers and make sure it’s kept up to date.

“Be sure to also check your insurance policy before the first day,” advises Shirley Parchoma with Western Financial Group. “If you’re receiving any money for gas, your normal liability coverage may not be enough. Talk to your insurance broker and make sure you’re covered before you get behind the wheel with a group.”

Start a fun tradition: One way to make back-to-school more fun is to create a tradition that your family can look forward to each year. This tradition could be a special back-to-school dinner, interviewing your child on video, or taking a picture of them in their first day outfit. Bonus: this can also be an easy way to create keepsakes—save each year’s photo in one place and pull them out for the next big graduation or family event.

The new school year is an exciting time in a child’s life and taking a few steps to prepare will make sure you all enjoy the final days of summer and start the new school year off on a positive note. More information can be found at www.westernfinancialgroup.ca.

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