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5 Ways To Save Money And Save The Planet

5 Ways To Save Money And Save The Planet

(NC) This Earth Day (April 22), why not commit to exploring different ways to conserve electricity in your home? Conserving electricity will not only help to reduce the overall demand on the province’s electricity system – but will also keep cash in your wallet.

Hydro One offers five easy ways to save energy and money around your home this spring:

1. Commit to actively monitoring your household’s time-of-use consumption.

Reviewing your usage can help you find opportunities to change your habits and use electricity when it costs less. One way to do this is by signing-up for online access to your Hydro One account by visiting www.HydroOne.com/MyAccount. Commit to using the portal to monitor your time-of-use consumption at least once a week.

2. Take part in at least one saveONenergy program

Electrical utilities in Ontario offer numerous saveONenergy programs to help customers lower their electricity consumption. From furnace and air conditioning replacement programs to energy saving coupons, resolve to use at least one of the programs offered.

3. Reduce phantom power in your home.

Did you know that your home’s devices and appliances, when plugged in, continue to draw power even when they’re turned off? It’s called phantom power and Natural Resources Canada states that in the average home, 40 per cent of all electricity used to power electronics is consumed while the products are in standby mode.

4. Download energy-saving coupons.

Whether you are in need of a light bulb or a new light fixture, weather stripping or a power bar, you can visit HydroOne.com and print valuable coupons for many energy efficient products. By making the change when replacing household items you can save at the register and on your electricity bill.

5. Make conservation a family event

Visit Kids’ Corner to help the whole family learn the facts about electricity and discover some tips that’ll help you and your family use energy wisely. More information is available online at hkids.saveonenergy.ca with games and videos that are fun for the whole family.

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