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Focus On Your Strengths And Soar

Focus on improving your strengths, use them -- and watch yourself soar. Photo credit: Kamil Pietrzak/Unsplash.

Focus On Your Strengths And Soar

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Writer

Ettie RutherfordFor many of people, when things are not going the way they would like, they resort to anger, fear, complaining, or even feelings of hopelessness or self-blame.

“What did I do wrong? What else could I have done?” they ask.

Since wherever you go, there you are, it is wise to acknowledge that in such times, you are the one who must act to alleviate the situation; and that it will only be possible by responding to circumstances, instead of re-acting.

Reacting is based on being emotional, while responding will allow you to use your strengths in a rational manner.

These tips might assist you to be more self-reliant:
1. Realize that you are far more capable than you believe;
2. Focus on improving your strengths, and use them;
3. Use self-knowledge to identify manageable goals;
4. Identify what is unique about you and use those traits to your advantage;
5. Do not judge yourself by how others have dealt with similar challenges; and
6. Increase your knowledge in order to boost your competence.

Award-winning Ettie Rutherford, B.Ed, Dip.Ed, M.Ed, is an educator, life coach, consultant and author of “Why Perch Like A Chick When You Can Soar Like An Eagle?”. An accomplished public speaker, Ettie is the Founder and CEO of Women Are Worthy, which provides step-by-step strategies for women to achieve their goals, with a minimum amount of stress. She can be reached at ettie@womenrworthy.com.

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