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Grenada Government Launches Web Portal For All Services

Grenada's Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Grenada Government Launches Web Portal For All Services

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, December 19, 2019 (CMC) — The government of Grenada, today, launched an updated government web portal, that will be the first level of accessing services, electronically.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Findley Jeffrey, described the portal as one that updates the government’s webpage – www.gov.gd — adding that in comparison to the old site, the updated site brings everything about the government’s services together. 

“The new portal contains a window for all government ministries and departments. We remember, in the past, that if you have to go visit finance, you have a website for finance, you have a website for ministry of trade, for the ministry of health, this is no more, all of the government will be on one site,” Jeffery said during the launching ceremony.

“The web portal is a modern and refreshed website, it is very user-friendly and introduces citizens to a first level of accessing government services electronically,” said Jeffery. “Simply put, what this means is that citizens can stay at their homes and access government services.”

Describing the launch as a red-letter day for the delivery of government services, Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell, said the achievement of the website is an important milestone for all of Grenada, in the age of digital transformation.

“We are definitely in the midst of what is referred to as the 4th industrial revolution, where ICT is recognised as the key enabler to advance the prospect for sustainable development,” he stated.

The Prime Minister noted that ICT is having a profound impact on service delivery, across all sectors of both traditional and non-traditional occupations, professions and skills. ICT is also a tool of empowerment,” he said.

Before accessing information or the services on the portal, individuals must register as either a citizen or visitor. 

Once registered, instructions to access the website will be forwarded to the email address provided.

Some of the services available include: applications of birth and death certificates; payment of ; registration of all medical professionals; importation and exportation of meat; and requesting the use of sporting facilities.

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