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A Letter Of Thanks To My Fellow Nurses

Dear Colleagues:

Although I have been many years retired, never have I been more proud of my chosen profession than during this current pandemic, and even extraordinarily prouder of you, my colleagues, currently on the frontline, tirelessly exemplifying all that Florence Nightingale stood for.

While most Canadians, and people the world, over are being told to stay home, there you are, showing up every day for work to make sure that the care, needed to combat this virus, is given, especially to the most vulnerable of our population.

This is being done, despite your own concerns for the well-being of both your families and friends.

However, it is with some degree of emotion that I ponder on the fact that it had to take a pandemic, of such grave proportions, to bring awareness to the work being done by nurses.

These angels of mercy rarely receive the recognition for the vital work they already carry out, in addition to making sacrifices, above and beyond the call of duty.

In the same manner that praises and laudatory remarks are showered on policemen and firemen for running toward danger and harm, then, likewise, nurses should be praised for the tremendous job they are doing now, and what they will soon have to do, as the pandemic rages and the mortality rate increases.

They are the ones forced to tackle this faceless threat head-on, being exposed far more than the rest of us, and saving those among us, who fall critically ill from it.

A huge thank-you, my nursing colleagues, and also other medical personnel on the frontline of this pandemic. You are daily heroes anyway, but as the world unites to battle this new enemy, nurses truly deserve extra doses of appreciation. From a proud colleague, please accept a sincere thank you and continue the good work.

Yvonne. Sam. R. N. BSc.N., M.Ed.
Montreal, Quebec

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