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COVID-19: The World In Mourning

Photo credit: Fred Kearney/Unsplash.

COVID-19: The World In Mourning

By Charles Mwewa
Guest Contributor

The sooner the sun rises and sets, someone has died
Like vapor they go, with or without having goodbyed
There’s no funeral home, no morgue to contain them
There’s yelling for grandpa, for little Moses, it’s a shame
There’s no crowd to escort the coronaviroid-departed
Only statistics, more news, more bad news, for the parted
In USA, they mourned six thousand people, today
In Italy, thirteen thousand people, who passed away
Spain lost ten thousand loved ones and more counting
While Germany had one thousand plus, discounting
In China, three thousand and more left the earth
In France, over five thousand couldn’t keep life’s faith
They lie, without breath, about three thousand in Iran
UK’s over two thousand bodies are over and done
And Belgian and Netherlands, lost over two thousand
Canada, Indonesia, they put over three-seventy in sand
Close to twenty have died in Africa, I fear more is to come
Oh, Mother, don’t keep silent, let no-one say, “Be calm!”
For the world is in mourning, and none is there to soothe
Oh, no, this pain is gross, it’s worse than extracted tooth!

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