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Overcoming Self-Identity Loss During The Pandemic Lockdown

Being at home, during the lockdown, can, indeed, be a positive change, if we focus on self-awareness and self-strengths. Photo credit: Jack Sparrow/Pexels.

Overcoming Self-Identity Loss During The Pandemic Lockdown

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Columnist

Ettie Rutherford 1In spite of the many challenges, brought on by the pandemic, one of the most life-altering, for millions of people, is the lockdown situation in general and, in particular, the new phenomena of working from home.

Being at home, which might have seemed an attractive wish before the onslaught of the virus, has now turned out to be tedious, stressful and unmanageable, especially for parents, who are also assisting children with their new mode of education.

For many, being away from their usual workplace, has now robbed them of their identity, their social and emotional connections, as well as the control that they usually had, over their lives, from leaving home to returning, after spending hours with co-workers and travelling companions.

Confronted with the daily situations of video-conferences, emails, as well as the inability to visit relatives, attend funerals, show affection and travel, no wonder there is so great an increase in the number of adults and children, who are suffering from mental problems.

This being the case, it is imperative for everyone to take control of their minds, and indulge in long-neglected activities that might have been impossible, before the lockdown. We can all overcome, if we identify personal strengths and past successes.

Dr. Mary Grogan, Ed D, an educational expert, in her book, The 7Cs of Global Leadership, encourages us to tap into our potential, in order to find purpose in our lives, through self-love, self-care and self-awareness, because these are attributes, which will lead to transformational changes for our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Her advice can be a concrete strategy for using positive thoughts to overcome being at home perpetually, as well as all the other challenges, which we are facing. It is our positive thinking of self that will determine how to survive the lockdown, working from home or guiding our children, because the way, in which we think of ourselves, is always the most important element in assisting us to overcome new and difficult situations.

Positive thoughts of self, have always been a weapon to drive away negative ways of interpreting unchangeable challenges. Being at home can indeed be a positive change, if we focus on self-awareness and self-strengths.

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