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‘Diverse Exhibition’ Of Caribbean-Canadian Artists Lauded

‘Diverse Exhibition’ Of Caribbean-Canadian Artists Lauded

Photo above is of Patrick Halsall studying some beautiful art pieces at the exhibit. Photo by Lincoln Depradine.

By Lincoln Depradine
Pride Contributing Writer

TORONTO, Ontario – A trio of Caribbean-Canadian artists, whose works were on exhibition for more than six weeks at Tropicana Community Services in north Toronto, has been applauded for the quality of their creations.

“It was a very diverse exhibition; you had from realism to abstract and impressionistic work; and it covered a wide variety,’’ said Patrick Halsall, a graphic artist and an employee of Tropicana.

The exhibition, which closed earlier this week, was “well viewed’’ by people who visited Tropicana for services during the period, Halsall added.

Trinidad-born Jennylynd (Lindy) James, the lone female exhibitor, says “art is like a religion’’ for her; always, she explains, attempting to “extract beauty in everyday objects and situations, giving a unique character in my paintings’’.

Her companion exhibitors were Grenada-born photographers, Carlos Ferguson and Ian Grant. Both are experienced in their field and have participated in numerous art shows in Canada.

The exhibition of the three was titled: “Art, Image, Culture’’.

In constructing its newly opened state-of-the-art headquarters on Huntingwood Drive, Tropicana invested in securing hardware that would allow “ongoing revolving artworks on the walls all the time. It’s almost like a rolling exhibition for folks to come in and see’’, Halsall said.

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