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The Importance Of Music Education For Youth

The Importance Of Music Education For Youth

(NC) Music can have a profound impact on the development of today’s youth. Beyond being a recreational activity, it creates opportunities for leadership, engagement, and creativity. Here are three ways music programs enhance education for children and teens.

• Music builds leadership: Many music programs involve bands, choirs and orchestras, all of which involve working and communicating with others to achieve a common goal. This develops leadership and teamwork skills that can be applied to other areas of life.

• Music drives engagement: When students learn in a fun and exciting environment, they are more likely to stay interested and engaged in their overall studies. Not only that, but music provides a means of self-expression, giving young people a venue to take risks, conquer fears and build self-esteem.

• Music generates creativity: Music stimulates imagination that helps children think outside the box. This creative thinking builds the ability to problem solve and imagine various solutions to come up with the best option.

An Instrument for Every Child (AIFEC), a MusiCounts TD Community Music Program beneficiary, builds on this momentum by instilling a love of music in the next generation by giving instruments to kids in inner city schools.

“AIFEC helps the children develop important leadership and teamwork skills,” says Paul Lloyd, founding sponsor of the program. “It gives students from all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in an ensemble, which is an integral part of the program.”

A music education can provide the values for students to thrive in all areas of life from academics, to relationships, to careers. Having the understanding that practice makes perfect and sustained effort will achieve positive results is sure to take any music student far.

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