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5 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

5 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party

Throwing the perfect, unique kids’ birthday party seems to get more difficult every year, with stakes raised by the best party gimmicks going viral through videos, online inspiration boards, and dedicated blogs. Complicating matters is the increasing push to make events that are socially-conscious, environmentally-friendly and that cater to individual dietary restrictions and needs. But hosting a great party that will be the talk of the neighbourhood starts with making sure everyone has fun and feels included. Follow these five tips for a fabulous kids’ party that is sure to be remembered:

1. Power down.

Even little ones are spending too much time on their tablets. Give them a reason to log off, use their imaginations and play together with creative activities and old-fashioned games. Create your own piñata — it’s easy to do with instructions readily available on the web, and you can customize it to fit your party’s theme or make it your kid’s current favourite cartoon character.

2. Go green.

Opt for reusable plates and cups instead of disposable ones, and make sure to recycle and compost any waste.

3. Ask about dietary restrictions beforehand.

Kids can feel excluded when they aren’t able to enjoy the same foods as everyone else because of health or allergy reasons. Ask parents to let you know of any dietary needs when they RSVP so you can plan ahead, and look for product lines that accommodate dietary restrictions. Chapman’s ice cream and novelty products are a great option, because they offer selected peanut/nut-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and no sugar-added treats that everyone can safely savour. Look for the symbols.

4. Remember grown-ups want to have fun too.

Parents sometimes like to stay and hang out while their kids play, so set up a nearby space for them to chat and catch up with the other parents. Be sure to prep enough food and drinks for parents too — they’ll be delighted you thought of them, and will be likely offer you a hand with the clean-up afterwards.

5. Try DIY loot bags.

Instead of spending money on loot bags, have the kids make their own memento as a play activity. Kids can search for and decorate rocks with sparkles and washable paint to make a paperweight, or you can bake cupcakes or cookies together for them to take home. If you’re hosting really little ones, you can pre-bake the cookies or cupcakes, and have them help out with the decorating.

For more tips on organizing the perfect kids’ party, go to chapmans.ca/ParentsZone/PartyTips.


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