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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Warns Of Gang Wars As State Of Emergency Extended For Further Three Months

Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness (right), addresses the House of Representatives yesterday. Seated at left is Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw. Photo credit: Donald De La Haye.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Warns Of Gang Wars As State Of Emergency Extended For Further Three Months

KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 3, 2018 (CMC) – Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says criminal gangs are now engaged in feuds, leaving several communities tense, as the Parliament unanimously approved a three month extension of the state of emergency (SOE) in sections of the Jamaican capital.

“The impact of these gangs is not confined to the specific area in which they reside, but their reach is far and wide, extending to all parishes,” Holness said, as legislators gave the green light to extending the SOE in Kingston Central, Kingston Western, and St. Andrew South Police Divisions.

Last month, Holness had declared the SOE in these areas of the capital, and the Emergency Powers (Continuance) Resolution 2018 was approved on Tuesday.

Holness told legislators that the informed opinion of the security forces has been that the level of criminal activity experienced, continues to be a threat in certain areas.

He noted that during assessments, undertaken regarding communities affected by gang warfare and violent crimes, several communities within the geographic area, in question, emerged among the top 10, with respect to murder and shooting incidents, over the year 2017 and as at September 30, 2018.

“In Trench Town, for example… that community had a combined total of 100 murders and shootings. That was the highest of any community and that was in 2017. Whitfield Town in St. Andrew South had the third-highest of 67, and Tivoli Gardens in Kingston West had the fifth highest combined total of 43 murders and shootings.

“For the period January 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018, Trench Town recorded the highest combined total of murders and shootings in the country, with 55; Whitfield Town recorded the fourth highest total of 34 and Tivoli Gardens recorded the sixth highest of 32 murders and shootings combined,” Holness said, adding that his administration is committed to retaking and transforming Kingston.

He said the SOE would facilitate the operations of the security forces, in dismantling the plethora of gangs that are operating in the affected areas.

“Many of these gangs are currently embroiled in feuds that have left communities tense and have adversely affected the livelihood of citizens in neighbouring communities,” Holness said, adding that the reprisals, counter-reprisals and general gang warfare, which has caused fear and insecurity, cannot be allowed to continue.

“We must, therefore, offer the strongest support for the security forces, within the context that they will be enforcing the laws, within the provisions of the laws, and to the benefit of our citizens,” Holness said, adding that the security forces have done well, thus far, and they have shown, through their conduct of operations, both in the SOE and the zones of special operations, that they can use extraordinary powers responsibly.

“This government expresses its gratitude to the security forces. Many of them have not been able to spend time with their families, [as] they are on duty and on call protecting the people of Jamaica,” Holness said.

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