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Black Action Defense Committee Postpones Scholarship Fundraising Brunch

US-based Dr. Julius Garvey -- son of the renowned community builder, Marcus Garvey -- was to be the keynote speaker at the fundraising brunch in early May.

Black Action Defense Committee Postpones Scholarship Fundraising Brunch

TORONTO, Ontario March 20, 2020 — The Black Action Defense Committee (BAD-C) has postponed its annual Dudley Laws scholarship fundraising brunch, due to the safety risk, posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The brunch, which was to be held on Sunday, May 3, and feature US-based Dr. Julius Garvey as its keynote speaker, will be held at a later date, “due to the COVD19 pandemic, and the resulting provincial State of Emergency and closure of the Canada/USA border to nonessential travel, for the foreseeable future,” said BAD-C in a media release, yesterday.

“The safety of our supporters, volunteers and our community is paramount,” the venerable civil rights organisation said.

“We urge everyone to comply with the directions, provided by our political leaders and public health officials, which we can assure you, are based on sound public health and epidemiological sciences.

“We are in a state of crisis, and in crises, our best interest is to minimize the impact of the crisis, so fewer people get sick or die.

“This requires sacrifices by all, in order that all may benefit from our collective sacrifices and contribution. When we all play our part, we will collectively ‘ride out the storm’,” BAD-C opined.

When we rise to the challenge and follow the directions of our world-renowned public health professionals in Canada, we will, collectively, emerge from this pandemic, stronger, more cohesive, and a more humane society, BAD-C reasoned.

“Keep yourselves and your families, friends and associates safe. With God’s blessings and grace, we will survive this emergence, with new cooperative skills that will make us thrive in the future,” the release concluded.

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