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You Are Stronger Than You Think

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You Are Stronger Than You Think

By Ettie Rutherford
Contributing Columnist

Ettie Rutherford 1Last Thursday, March 26, was the 124th birthday of my beloved grandmother, who raised me, from I was three-years-old. If she was alive today, she would be heard saying, “Out of evil, cometh forth good.”

While those might be comforting words, the ongoing presence of this deadly virus (COVID-19) is still very scary, because of the unending and contradictory news saturating the media.

Yet, as helpless as you might feel, it is good to remember that the disruption of life, as it used to be, is small, compared to what others are facing. For instance, it is impossible to understand the emotions, which will forever linger with family members, who were unable to visit dying relatives, or to give them a proper burial.

Consequently, for good to come out of this disaster, it might be worthwhile to:
1. Focus on the present, instead of lamenting what used to be.
2. Note the lessons, which you are now learning, about being innovative.
3. Identify and maintain the new survival skills, which your family now possess.
4. Realize that you might be better off, than millions of others, around the world.
5. Develop new ways to enjoy life with your family, under trying circumstances.
6. Increase meaningful communication skills with your children.
7. Acknowledge that every member of your family is stronger than you think.
8. Remember that prayer changes everything. God is still in charge.

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