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Jon And Don McKay: Mortgage Agents Helping The Community, In More Ways Than One

Jon And Don McKay: Mortgage Agents Helping The Community, In More Ways Than One

By Dwain Wellington Rattray
Pride Contributing Editor

In what many consider increasingly challenging economic times, frequent sore spots are the financial roadblocks associated with real estate.

Enter Don and Jon McKay, a father and son mortgage agent team, operating through Dominion Lending Centre (DLC), “Canada’s fastest-growing national mortgage brokerage and leasing company.”

As licensed mortgage agents, with DLC, Jon notes that they “have access to over 220 financial institutions, including big banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders.”

Complete with its own leasing division it is also the only mortgage brokerage across the country with its own Visa line, boasting an interest rate starting at 9.9 percent.

These partnerships, resources and subsequent value-added services afford the team an opportunity to offer rates, products and services available only through their DLC brand.

While their primary focus is on residential properties, the long arm of DLC allows the facilitation of commercial, agricultural construction/development properties.

The plethora of services also extends to small businesses or large franchises to include purchase of equipment or new machinery, with up to 100 percent financing.

With DLC reported as being the largest brokerage in Canada, with over 2,300 agents from coast to coast and almost one in four mortgages being handled by a DLC agent, these two are set to make an indelible mark on the company.

Jon brings an eye of innovation to the experience of Don’s 25 years, thereby creating a union fully capable of handing every client demographic. The two specialise in helping borrowers who may have been turned down by banks.

“Many of our lenders are considered ‘equity only lenders,’ which means that they are not there to judge based on your credit rating or income,” Jon says.

He continued to note that sufficient equity was the deciding factor in many instances, and “in many cases funds can be obtained in as little as three business days.”

Don says it is their passion to help individuals who may be in mortgage arrears and/or at risk of losing their homes.

During the last year that they have been marketing their services to the African Canadian and Caribbean communities, Don and Jon have assisted scores of community members to either save their homes, obtain mortgages, or qualify for lines of credit or other funds, easing their financial challenges.

“We stop banks from taking over properties, bringing them [clients] back into good standing,” Don continued.

“First, second and third mortgages are readily available even though a customer may have bruised credit,” says Jon.

DLC offers mortgage rates starting from as low as 2.5%.

Jon points out that this is the case even if a customer is, “behind on mortgage, property tax, credit card or income tax payments; if you are involved in power of sale bankruptcy or if you have liens or judgements against your property.”

With funds obtained, customers can accomplish anything from debt consolidation, renovations to increase property value, or for personal pleasure.

A part of their own pleasure is making sure that the community in general is helped by not only their products and services, but also their community involvement.

“We are strong believers in giving back to the communities that we support,” says Jon.

As gold sponsors of the African Canadian Achievement Awards (ACAA), the two are committed to being part of vision and “giving back to the community that helps us,” says Don.

The ACAA, which has evolved into one of the most-anticipated and prestigious events in the African Canadian community, celebrates the achievements, and pays tribute to the exemplary contributions of African Canadians to their community, and the wider Canadian society.

The duo also shares in a partnership with Breakfast for Learning, “Where a portion of every transaction closed goes to kids in need,” Jon reports.

As Canada’s first and one of the largest charities focusing on nourishing children, Breakfast for Learning has been helping support and sustain school-based breakfast, lunch and snack programs for over 20 years.

With this attitude of helping the community, shared by father and son, it is no surprise that they been have nominated for Best Mortgages 2014 by Readers’ Choice.

Both are genuinely satisfied with the singular act of making contact with, and personally getting each client, from where they are currently, to an even better financial footing.

If you are looking for a mortgage, equipment leasing, equity line of credit, low interest credit card or debt consolidation, but you have a bruised credit rating, had a bankruptcy, are self employed or unemployed, Jon and Don McKay can assist you.

They can be reached — seven days a week — at: (416) 846-2203; toll free at: 1-888-281-3240 or at their website: www.calljonnow.com.

Photo by Dwain Wellington Rattray.

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