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Top 5 Mom Hacks For Getting Sunscreen Onto Your Kids

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Top 5 Mom Hacks For Getting Sunscreen Onto Your Kids

You are not alone if you struggle to get sunscreen on your kids every summer. As parents we recognize the importance of sun protection, but sometimes the last thing our kids want to do is sit still long enough to get sunscreen applied to their face and body.

To help get your family enjoying the sunshine even quicker, guided by their sun care expertise, Banana Boat has got you covered with these five tips:

1. Start a timer and challenge your kids to keep still long enough for you to apply the sunscreen before the timer goes off. Then you can challenge them to do a scan to ensure you haven’t missed any spots.

2. Moisturize your kids’ skin after they take a bath. That way, when it comes time to apply sunscreen, they will already be used to the sensation.

3. Apply sunscreen at snack time, giving it time to soak in while your kids finish their tasty treats before heading out into the sun.

4. Make the clean-up from the beach a little less tear-filled. Banana Boat has a formula called SunComfort Sunscreen Lotion, which is specially formulated to help the sand brush off easily, leaving the beach where it belongs.

5. Apply your own sunscreen first. Children always want to imitate their parents so let them know that as soon as you’re done with yourself, they’re up next.

Additional sun safety Mom Hacks are available on the Banana Boat Canada Facebook page or you can visit www.bananaboat.ca.


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