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Busting Bladder Leak Myths

Busting Bladder Leak Myths

(NC) — Adult incontinence among women is common and affects one in three women between 18 and 75.

We can be squeamish and embarrassed about bodily functions, and so the topic can be difficult to discuss openly, which means many myths abound.

But being shy about bladder leaks can negatively affect us: 15 per cent of women who experience urinary incontinence say it affects their work or daily activities moderately or a lot, and six in 10 feel like they’re living with a secret.

“Education is so important,” says Barbara Hannah Grufferman, a positive aging expert and best-selling author of The Best of Everything After 50. “By demystifying adult incontinence and getting people talking, women will learn that they’re not alone and will be more confident in managing bladder leaks.”

So let’s start that conversation by tackling some of these myths.

Myth 1: Only elderly people experience urinary incontinence. While the risk for incontinence increases as you age, one in three women over the age of 18 experiences bladder weakness.

This can happen after childbirth, at the onset of menopause, due to medical conditions and for a number of other reasons. Talking to a friend or healthcare professional can help those who experience leaks feel less alone and more confident in finding a solution that works for them.

Myth 2: Everyone will know you’re wearing a “diaper.” Urinary incontinence products have come a long way. Always Discreet offers a full range of products to suit a variety of needs, from liners to underwear. They absorb up to two times more than you might think you need and are 40% thinner than another leading brand.

Myth 3: You should drink as little as possible. While caffeinated beverages can stress your bladder, it’s important to drink water. Get into the habit of sipping water between meals because proper hydration can help reduce odours in your urine and will keep you hydrated.

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