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New National Honours And Awards For Barbados

Barbados Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley. Photo credit: GP.

New National Honours And Awards For Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, July 31, 2019 (CMC) – Parliament has given the green light to bestowing the Order of the Freedom of Barbados,  the island’s highest national honour, as an alternative to a knighthood.

Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, who tabled the Order of Freedom of Barbados Bill, said it is the highest honour to be bestowed on a recipient, and that the honouree could choose either to be conferred with the Order of the Freedom of Barbados or the traditional knighthood.

“This honour will equate to the highest honour, in the context of the Order of Barbados. In that Act the highest honour is the Dame of St. Andrew. All who know me well, know my perspective on how we must claim all that is Barbadian, and of Barbados, this particular bill is unique.

“This bill will anchor in this chamber the authority, the law, that will now make it possible for this award to be granted and conferred to the appropriate recipient,” Mottley said, adding that the Governor-General will bestow the honour on the Prime Minister’s advice.

“Her Excellency, the Governor-General, by Clause Four of the Bill, the Chancellor of the Order, and there will be a secretary, who will facilitate the work of Her Excellency; and Her Excellency, pursuant to Clause Eight, may, by instrument, confer the Order of Freedom upon a person, who is so eligible. That power of Her Excellency will be exercised on the advice of the Prime Minister,” the Prime Minister explained.

Mottley said that the persons, who are eligible to be considered, had to be born in Barbados, is a citizen of Barbados, or is entitled to be registered as a citizen of Barbados and who has distinguished themselves by extraordinary service to Barbados, the Caribbean, the Caribbean Diaspora or humanity, at large, with respect to their contribution.

She told legislators that the honour can also be awarded to non-Barbadians as well.

“The hononary conferment is reserved for persons — who are not citizens of Barbados, but who have distinguished themselves, generally, in service, either to Barbados, the Caribbean, the Caribbean Diaspora or humanity at large; or who may be a head of state or head of government of another country,” Mottley said, adding that the government believes the order reflects the image of “who we stand for”.

“The conferment will allow the person to be referred to after, as the most honourable, and would carry with it the entitlement to wear a decoration with inscribed insignia of the Order of the Freedom of Barbados; and will also allow the person to use the letter FB after their name on all occasions, where the use of letters after the name, is customary,” the Prime Minister noted.

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